Our Prodigy

Prodigy offers a spectrum of software services. The core expertise lies in the service bed of the industry. We Prodigians are committed towards satisfaction of our customers by the quality of work we deliver. We envision to create wonders in maintaining the Quality of Service. As we all know Service Management has never been a cake walk but here we did manage to make it look less complex and complicated. We manage large volumes of data, complex architectures and challenging new business models by acting proactively to deliver the right service at the right time for the right price. Success of any organization is measured by its cost effective deliverable of optimal levels of service and simultaneously keeping pace with complex and changing environments. In order to help you gain a competitive advantage over others, we deliver solutions that help you establish and deliver one of the best levels of service to your customers and users. The service can be important for your business and Prodigy will always help you improve your services to attract and retain your customers. Our service management solutions help you in increasing your service levels and IT decisions, productivity and management of resources. Enhance your end-users experience - Define, measure, and manage the Quality of Service (QoS) experienced by a group of end users. Manage service degradations - Correlate information to identify root cause of service degradations and serve as a baseline for the automation of corrective actions. Provide complete and accurate data - Produce Web-enabled reports required by end-users. Provide a business perspective for IT decisions – Perform automated and ad-hoc analysis of past, present and future IT environment performance, responsiveness and throughput in the context of service level agreements (SLAs). Improve productivity - Automate enterprise process scheduling to ensure higher IT staff productivity and on-time, error-free completion of business defined service level objectives. Improve resource management - Manage IT resources or processes that could affect services, such as batch monitoring or application-specific thresholds or output delivery to a group of users. Optimize asset management - Track, manage, and maximize IT asset usage for optimal Return on Investment.