Our Clients

Prodigy has served a variety of customer base and is continuing its offerings with the same spirit. With our global delivery model, we have gained customers all over the world.

Success stories of our customers continues as they continue to leverage our services and support for their business needs.

Ingres Corporation is a leading provider of open source information management services to the enterprise. Built on over 25 years of technology investment, Ingres is a leader in software and service innovation, providing the enterprise with proven reliability combined with the value and flexibility of open source.

ARC have built the experience, capacity, strength and infrastructure to support the smallest print job to the largest on-site services installation ever attempted. It offer service in small towns and huge cities all over the world. While their service centers employ thousands of experienced people, each one is committed to an individual market, and sometimes an individual client. When a universal problem can be solved by a specific piece of technology, they develop it ourselves to meet the exact requirements of the clients. Each piece of paper can be more efficient, easier on the environment, and produce more results when its remains digital as long as possible: they can make that happen. Their stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:ARC) but watch the stock the clients have in ARC.

Inforel Technologies was founded in 2004 with a dedicated goal of providing web development and software services using expert onshore as well as offshore talent. The company's extended team comprises a talent pool of executives and technologists with a strong background in web development, software and mobile applications development. Inforel Technologies is dedicated to providing services and solutions to help you accomplish your business objectives. They provide you the best of solutions for delivering a complete turnkey project or providing specific consultancy services on technical problems.

Meka Parc (Practical Applications Research Centre) is the Technology division of the Meka Group. Initially created as the Innovation incubator for the Meka Group, it has subsequently taken projects outside the group, as Meka Parc grown in the difficult technology innovation space. Parc's focus being on Out-of-the-Box thinking, improving life for people, be it through the use of technology, or better products, or creating the Killer App, it has in a short span of time already developed various applications for use. There are no boundaries for Parc's ideas. With various inventions, ideas and innovations being constantly developed in the areas of Web 2.0, Military applications, Mobile technology, to small window opportunities, Parc is well placed with the Group's strong backing for innovation to develop products and services that can help improve our daily life and our world.

Acsellerate is the market and technology leader in on-demand sales and business intelligence services. The company’s suite of web-based analytic and advanced reporting solutions provides interactive information, empowering executives, managers and sales professionals to easily understand the effectiveness of their customer relationships and turn that insight into bottom-line results. Acsellerate arms companies in highly competitive distribution industries with an effective, affordable suite of services designed to help them compete successfully in today’s market without requiring a significant technology or financial investment. With a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, the Acsellerate team not only understands your data, but can also provide Best Practice solutions to drive results.

Indian Railways needs no introduction and is the largest public enterprise in India with a very complicated network spread across the nation. Prodigy has created software systems for its division in Hyderabad, Vijayawada and extending to other cities to optimize the processes followed till date. Complaint Management System (CMS) as it is addressed, is a revolutionary call centre software to automate property and estate management. Office Automation System (OAS) is a complete paperless office system with built in security and digital signatures implementation. We are glad to be a part of this huge revolution in Indian Railways.

FlyRyde Distribution is our technology customer and an alliance partner. Based in Bay Area and specializing in selling technology to Automobile Industry, FlyRyde is a first of its kind in our list in Automobile industry.