Track Dost

This app is developed with an aim to ensure the safety of the employees of Indian Railways. The app works in the following process:

All the employees of Indian Railways will have this app installed in their mobile devices, and based on the location of the mobile node Prodigy will find the latitude and longitude values as well as the Time Stamp, the time when the latitude and longitude coordinates were taken. The time period of latitude and longitude coordinates are set by the users at an interval of 10 secs /15sec /20 secs. Prodigy then has to compose an SMS, compress the size of the SMS and send it to the Target device that can communicate with the Server. The SMS size has to be filled and sent to the target device, this is a basic functionality in Safety Tracker. In addition to this, Prodigy will enable vibration on the device with some special Emergency Sound in case of Emergency. This feature is to alert the end user and to protect him/her from Train Accidents.